How to Add a Bit of Disney to Your Homeschool Lessons

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As a homeschool mom, and Disney nut, I love to add a bit of Disney to our daily lessons when we are preparing to take our next trip to Walt Disney World. Right before a trip my mind turns to mush and I have a hard time thinking about anything other than Disney! Adding Disney to our homeschool days makes it to where I can think about Disney, but my kiddos still get school done! This is a perfect solution for us!

Now the problem is, I have so many ideas, and not enough time to include them all in our lessons!  Thankfully, however, we always go on another trip, so I always have another chance to add a bit of Disney magic to our school days.

One of my favorite ways to add in a bit of Disney magic is by reading aloud the many different stories which have influenced the parks in one way or another. Here is a short list of some stories we have read or plan to read.


Another fun idea is to take a subject that your children will encounter in the parks, and make it into a unit study. Your children will be very proud when they are able to strike up a conversation with one of the cast members about what they have learned. Here are just some of the subjects I have come up with for future unit studies. There are endless possibilities, however these are here to get you thinking!


There are so many different Disney themed skills your kiddos could learn to prepare them their Walt Disney World Trip.

 Here is a pic of the cake my daughter made her sister for her 3rd birthday! Click here for instructions!


  • Make a cake
  • Learn to draw Disney and Pixar characters.

  • Create some of the recipes from the Walt Disney World restaraunts.

  • Make an animation.

  • Learn to sew costumes.

These are just a few of the many possibilities I have bouncing around in my head. I hope that they got you started thinking of ways you can add a bit of magic to your homeschool days before you go off to have the ultimate field trip at the most magical place on earth!

In the future I plan to go more in depth over each of these topics. I would love to make a post over each topic, how you can learn about the topic at home, and where you can go in Walt Disney World to explore the topic further.

Now, I need your ideas! Is there anything you think I should add or blog about in the future? Leave your ideas in the comment section below!

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