Homeschooling at Animal Kingdom


As a homeschool mom, Animal Kingdom has got to be my favorite park. Please, don’t tell the other parks I said that, as I so do love them as well! Animal Kingdom is just such a wonderful place for me to learn and explore right alongside my children. My kids love to complain that I turn every moment into a learning experience, however, they sure aren’t complaining about the many “field trips” we are able to take to Walt Disney World because of this! If you are a homeschool mom as well I am going to describe many of the opportunities your children will have for learning in the park. There is no need to take a day off from “learning” to visit Walt Disney World!

Wilderness Explorers 

One of my children’s favorite things to do at Animal Kingdom is participating in the Wilderness Explorers activities. Your children have the opportunity to explore Animal Kingdom while earning sticker badges. To get started have your kiddos grab a field guide from headquarters—located on the bridge between the Oasis and Discovery Island. The field guide lists the many locations where kiddos can earn sticker badges. Follow the map to a location, participate in a fun activity where you and your kiddos will learn so much about animals and the environment, and then they will earn a sticker badge to place in their field guide. With over 30 badges your kiddos can earn this makes for a very fun and educational day in the parks!

Conservation Station



One of my favorite things to do is visit the Conservation Station. I love to get to Animal Kingdom early in the morning and take the short train ride over to Rafiki’s Planet Watch which is where the Conversation Station is located. Inside the Conversation Station, there is a veterinary treatment room where in the mornings you can watch real live veterinarians performing check-ups and surgery on the different animals that live in Walt Disney World.

Other fascinating things to experience at Rafiki’s Planet Watch –



  • In the middle of the Conversation Station is the Animals Encounter Stage where there are often fun educational shows going on featuring a wide variety of animals.

  • In the Nutrition Center, you can watch handlers prepare meals for the park animals and learn all about the nutrition these animals need.

  • There are many Amphibian, Reptile and Invertebrate Windows inside the Conversation Station where you van view tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes and snakes.

  • In the Science Center, you can watch actual working scientists as they study and learn about wildlife all around the world.

  • There are many different experts which are available to answer your questions and educate you and your children on so many different fascinating topics.

  • Outside behind the Conversation Station, you can visit the Affection Section which is a petting zoo featuring a variety of animals, including goats and sheep.

  • Take a stroll along the discovery trail where you will view cotton-top tamarin monkeys.


Special Events and Tours


There are many different special events and tours happening in Walt Disney World you can add to your trip to squeeze just a little bit more of an education out of it. Such a fun way to have school for the day. Instead of homeschool it is Disney school! Look into the Caring for Giants tour where you get to experience elephants up close and personal! Click here to learn about the different events and tours you can book for your next trip to Animal Kingdom.


And of Course… Animals!



There are so many different opportunities to experience a wide variety of animals in the park. Take an 18-minute expedition into the Harambe Wildlife Reserve on Kilimanjaro Safaris to experience real African animals in their natural habitats. Another wonderful way to experience many of the animals is to take a walk down one of the many trails in Animal Kingdom. Some of the animals you may be lucky enough to experience are elephants, flamingos, Gibbons, Giraffes, Gorillas, Tigers, Hippos, Lions, Okapis, Rhinos, Tamarins, Vultures, Zebras, along with many more.


There are too many opportunities for learning at Animal Kingdom for me to add to this post. I would love to hear back from y’all on what your favorite educational opportunities in Animal Kingdom are as well as all around the World! Leave a comment in the links and maybe I will feature your favorites in some of my future posts!


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