How Disney World’s New Digital Rider Switch Program Works

Do you have children in your party that cannot or do not want to ride certain rides at Walt Disney World? If so you may want to take advantage of the Rider Switch program. Rider Switch is sometimes also known as Rider Swap or Child Swap. In this post, I am going to tell what the Rider Switch program is, how the Rider Switch program works, and give you some tips on how to best use the Rider Switch program.

What is Rider Switch?

Rider Switch is a program Walt Disney World has in place where adults can trade off watching a child that can not or does not want to ride a certain ride. One adult has the ability to stay with the child while another adult rides the ride, and then when it is their turn to ride the ride they are able to go through the Fast Pass line rather than waiting in the standby.

How is the Old Rider Switch Program Different Than the New Rider Switch Program?

Up until just recently, Rider Switch passes were paper passes handed out by cast members. For those of you who have used the Rider Switch program at Walt Disney World in the past, the Rider Switch program at Walt Disney World switched from using the old paper passes to digital passes. No longer will a cast member hand you a paper Rider Switch ticket. Cast members will now put a digital Rider Switch pass onto your magic band or park ticket.

How Do I get a Rider Switch Pass?

Everyone who is going to ride plus the child must go up to the cast member at the front of the line. Let the cast member know that you are wanting to use a Rider Switch.

The cast member needs to know who is riding first and who is waiting with the child and will ride second. The person who is riding second can choose up to two other people to ride with them. Anyone can ride with them as long as they are tall enough for the ride. It does not matter if they rode with the first group of people or not.

The cast member is going to need to scan each person’s magic band or park ticket who is riding in the second group, so make sure you have them out and ready when you walk up to the front of the ride.

How Does the Rider Switch Pass Work?

When the cast member scans your magic bands they will add a rider switch pass to your account that can be used that day. The cast member may or may not give you a specific window that your pass needs to be used. Ask the cast member or check your account to find out when you can return to use your pass. Once it is the scond groups turn to ride, they will go to the Fast Pass line and scan their bands or tickets just like they would if they had a fast pass.

Rider Switch Tips

  • When you are making your FastPass+ selections, think if there are any children in your party who are not going to want to ride the rides you are making FastPass+ selections for. If there is a child who will not ride, only make FastPass+ selections for the people you would like to have in the first group riding. The people who are riding second can make a different FastPass+ selection for that day. This makes getting a hard to find FastPass+ selection a little easier because you are looking for one with fewer people. You are also able to make more FastPass+ selections for your party this way.

For example, when my family goes to Epcot we like to make FastPass+ selections for both Soarin’ and Test Track. Neither of these can my littlest one ride, so if there is six of us not counting my toddler, we will make three FastPass+ selections for Soarin’ and three FastPasse+ selections for Test Track. This makes it to where each person gets to ride both rides with their FastPass+, however, each person only used one FastPass+ out of the three, they are allowed to book ahead of time.

  • You can receive a Rider Switch pass when you are staying back with anyone who does not want to ride the ride, but should not be left alone. It doesn’t matter the guests age or height.
  • You will be able to see your Rider Switch entitlement in your My Disney Experience app under the Fastpass+ section.
  • You will only be able to have one Rider Switch pass in your account at a time.

Rides That Are Eligible For Rider Switch Passes

Magic Kingdom Park
The Barnstormer
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Tomorrowland Indy Speedway

Frozen Ever After
Mission: SPACE
Test Track

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Alien Swirling Saucers
Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Slinky Dog Dash
Star Tours® – The Adventures Continue
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
Avatar Flight of Passage
Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain®
Kali River Rapids
Primeval Whirl

Thanks for reading my post about the Rider Switch program. I hope that I have answered any Rider Switch questions you may have had before reading this post. If not, please leave your question in the comments and I will get back to you with the answer. Also, if this post has been helpful to you, I would be forever grateful if you would help to spread this article by share this post on your social media account. Thank you!

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