All Plastic Straws to be Eliminated from Disney Parks

The Walt Disney Company released information today concerning their plans concerning conservation inside of the parks. By mid-2019 Disney will eliminate single-use plastic straws and stirrers from all of their locations globally.

While I do understand that this may be a good environmental move for Disney, I shudder to think that the paper straws they currently have in Animal Kingdom will be what is given out at all Disney locations in the future. Every time I purchase a drink at Animal Kingdom I end up using multiple straws and thinking to myself that next time I come to Animal Kingdom I am going to bring my own straw.

This news has forced me to look at my options for travel straws. See my favorite options below. According to the reviews I would purchase the straws that come with the drawstring bags. I would only purchase the collapsible straw if I wasn’t going to bring any bag at all and needed a straw that would fit in my pocket.

The Walt Disney Company has also promised to eliminate 80% of the plastic used in their hotel rooms and on their cruise ships by switching to refillable in-room amenities.

In addition, they will be eliminating reusable plastic shopping bags in all Disney parks and cruise ships. There will be reusable bags available for purchase instead.

Polystyrene cups are also being eliminated from the company.


What do you think of the news, and have you ever purchased any travel straws that you could suggest? Please leave all comments and suggestions below.


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  • While straws are super handy for kids I’m glad that they are taking this stand and working for a more sustainable future. I’ve not used a travel straw before. I guess I’ll just drink out of the cup.

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